In the Rain

by Izon Six

Released 2016
Released 2016
Izon Six is back with signature rock/alternative music reminiscent of the early 90's. Tracks like Anti-reality, Changes, and Sleep Tonight prove that the band is still building upon their unique progressive sound.
  • 04:11 Lyrics Changes

    Zero past the hour
    Sweeping by
    I hear the call
    of a lost child inside
    It beckons to me
    In an hourless time
    A waking breath
    A sense of the sublime

    A memory here, a child that cares
    They’ll soon be forgotten

    Back and forth inside my home
    The walls all cracked but leaving me alone
    I say goodbye to each corner and side
    They’ll be replaced
    When it’s time to ride away

    My world is closed, my mind is glue
    It sticks to the pictures that I once…

    Somewhere I’ll begin my life
    Like a newborn trying to make it back
    To the womb so safe, this mystic place
    Even my heart mistakes this love for waste

    Every dream I have to know
    Was a vision that kept me whole
    I see these changes, changes in my life
    Take these changes, all around my life
    I see these changes
    It’s a call to wrong or right
    And I thought I was alright

  • 03:12 Lyrics Anti-Reality

    Break down my walls
    And you will see
    Something you’ve never
    Seen before
    Shooting down your spine
    Like white lightning
    Breathing down your neck
    Like a cold wind storm

    I am Anti-reality

    Down where the grass
    Will never grow
    Lies something
    That I must know
    Burning like the coals
    Of my inner soul
    Beneath the valley
    Where the wind must blow
    And it blows, ooh.

    I am Anti-reality

    Never going to see it
    Never will believe it..

  • 05:44 Lyrics Everything's Connected

    I’ve always found
    The long way around
    It’s hard when lies abound
    But it’s my trial

    And I follow you
    When will it end now?
    And it burns me through

    The breath of your life
    Meets with the air
    And somehow you think it’s right
    But we don’t care, we don’t care
    We don’t care about what we have
    Why we live, and why we die..

    And now it begins..
    Everything’s connected
    In this web of life
    We are all the same
    That’s right

    How can we see?
    When our eyes are shut
    We see nothing
    And we’re back to square one

    Yet everything’s connected
    In this web of life
    We are all the same

    We are all the same
    Such a complicated life
    And I don’t have the answers
    Everything’s connected

  • 02:05 Lyrics The Rain

    I was lost
    And then you came
    Too many memories in the rain
    Washed away my sense of being
    A darkened sky
    Afraid of me
    Then I’m lost
    Within your wonder
    A brightened point along the way

    Tell me where are we going?
    And tell me how
    did I get here?
    Too afraid this sense of knowing
    When everything seems so clear
    Listen to it on my window
    Pouring down within my mind
    All we need is time

    Tell me is this your life?
    Bringing down the clouds
    Bringing down the clouds

  • 03:19 Lyrics Feel Alive

    Hearing this again
    The train has just arrived
    Waiting for the moment
    For me to say..

    Powerless to know
    The way the story goes
    So much to think about
    when you are down
    No one seems to know
    when you’re around
    Is it in my head?

    Why can’t I see it?

    It takes guts and spirit
    to moves your soul
    Shut down the unbelievers
    Young and old
    That’s what I’m told

    I’m alive, ooh yeah, I’m alive

    Counting on the memories
    to pull you through
    So much born to die on
    from me to you

    I can not believe you can not strive
    to bring yourself to realize
    You’re alive

  • 03:27 Lyrics Without You

    In the morning
    I hear her calling
    A mist in my eyes
    The rivers run dry

    And I lay there
    with this feeling inside
    No one else can
    make me feel right
    Hold on to what
    we know we need tonight

    I remember last September
    The leaves did not fall
    The winds remained calm
    I had this feeling we’d be together
    And nothing would change
    The love would remain
    I listen for you
    I wait for answers
    Even take the pain
    When nothing’s left to gain

    And I’m feeling
    so nervous tonight
    Which way will I go
    to make it alright
    These things I know will come
    in due time
    Without you
    I can’t even breathe

    Will you chance it?
    Won’t you be mine
    We’re killing promise
    as you’re killing time
    I know that true love is
    so hard to find

    Life is better when we’re together
    It’s something so right
    So why even fight it

    And I lay there
    Dreaming inside
    Can I wish it
    and make it come right
    I know that things will
    come in due time
    Without you
    I can’t even feel
    Without you
    I can’t even breathe
    I can’t even see now..

  • 03:12 Lyrics Lost Inside

    Walking down
    A lonely road
    I saw your face
    In the water
    And it asked me
    How did I know
    Things would ever get better
    And all my hopes
    were drowning at sea
    And all my dreams
    were living deep
    inside of me
    It’s all that I ever see
    Lost inside of me

    Spend some time
    Wandering around
    Looking for
    my life’s blood
    Flowing deep, deep inside of me
    I began to finally see what I believe
    And it’s all inside
    Inside of me
    Will you ever go inside of me?
    Can you ever know inside of me?

    Close the door
    on what I’ve seen before
    And I’ll start anew
    I’m moving on
    To bigger and better things
    Without this pain on my heartstrings
    There is no evil in my sight
    There is no trouble
    That I can’t seem to find
    But I know that there’s a place
    Inside of me
    All inside of me
    You’re lost inside of me
    All inside of me

  • 05:22 Lyrics The Story of Me

    I remember yesterday
    And some parts of today
    There’s no use in saying why
    It’s a chance you take
    With a life
    that comes in time
    And these memories
    They go through me
    And stir up my life
    I try..
    But ain’t that the story of me
    That’s the way to be but
    I can’t see
    Well ain’t that the story of me

    There’s so much I want to say
    and accomplish in the time I have
    Will you take a chance and be
    part of what I know is worth the time?

    Shopping malls and overalls
    Cover unsightly wounds
    It’s the sound that breaks
    the light that’s beaming down
    Under tortured nights
    of this life that I found

    One step is all it takes to
    find your way
    Then you can make it on
    Two steps away..
    But ain’t that the story of me

    Don’t ever walk away
    Walk away from me...

  • 03:10 Lyrics Home

    I am young
    I have hope
    There is no road
    Leading home

    And the man finds a problem
    But he can’t erase the pain
    Cause he’s got no roots to start on
    And everyone’s to blame
    And he’s got no destination
    Or a room to warm his soul
    He begins to lose his patience
    And the water overflows

    Everybody needs somebody now
    I just want to be with you
    In my home

    Some may say all or none
    That’s the way
    It is done

    And the man seeks a fortune
    But it’s all inside his mind
    And he searches for the answer
    That he never seems to find
    When you can’t go on to somewhere
    You’re empty and you’re void
    And your plans are dismantled
    And your life is destroyed

    Everybody needs somebody now
    I just want to be with you in my home

    There are times
    When you try
    But you just can’t find
    That special place to hide

    I just want to go home
    Take me home

    I just want to go home
    Where you are
    My home

  • 03:45 Lyrics Even If

    Even if you see me
    Even if you feel me

    I had a home
    You will remember
    I grew to know its very soul
    Like times of old
    We’ll never know a
    place that speaks to everyone
    I know

    Even if you see me
    Even if you feel me..

    I’ve been to better
    But we needed more
    A longing for those grassy fields galore
    And I will remember that little boy
    I can remember it all
    It’s in my mind

    The hills we walked
    Towards the landscape
    City smell but so superior
    The ice cold love and walls of wonder
    A crack beneath the blind exterior

    Even if you see me
    Even if you hear me

    I can still remember
    How the lives did grow
    And in my dreams I still think of you
    And I still remember that little boy
    We walked along a thousand times
    in his mind
    We walked down those narrow halls..
    Even if you see me
    Even if you feel me

  • 02:20 Lyrics Silent Dreamer

    Weave your magic web
    Entangle those ideas
    As they pass over your head
    Drifting to an imaginary
    Lake where life is pure
    The water never runs dry
    And the animals are sure that
    They will live a thousand years
    Or more

    It’s a fairy tale life
    I’m wondering if you are right
    Create your world

    Wave your magic wand
    Change the way you see
    And don’t worry if you fail
    Just live this life with me
    It’s a dream that never dies
    But people try and try
    To drain the life from my eyes
    Why can’t they see the way I see

    It’s a fairy tale life
    I’m wondering if you are right
    Create your world
    Of free thinking souls

  • 09:05 Lyrics Sleep Tonight

    A doorway
    to the unknown
    A shadow
    of things that went wrong

    Thinking thoughts of life
    Only once, once or twice

    A backwards drop
    A cold block
    of red hot ice
    That breaks the skin

    It’s so nice dreaming dark to light
    It’s so nice, in my eyes

    And I feel so alone
    And I’m so afraid
    of going to sleep…

    (dream interlude)

    And I know
    I got far to go
    And I feel
    That this is real
    My dreams are real

    See that song of evil
    You think you know
    But you don’t know
    What’s inside of me

    Help me sleep tonight
    Help me sleep!

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