Music and Memories

by Izon Six

Released 2015
Released 2015
Inspired by classic rock and alternative music from the 70s, 80s and early 90s, the album's diverse sound ranges from the soft melodic textures of "Sticks and Stones" and "Soil" to the driving beats of "Born Again" and "The Will to Live."
  • 01:39 Awakening
  • 03:56 Lyrics Born Again

    faceless kid
    you’re all out of luck
    holding on
    to God knows what

    drowning your fears
    with cold sour tears
    hiding away
    for all those years

    and now your voice
    can sing out to the crowd
    reach deep inside
    you’ll be proud
    show them all
    the kid is standing tall
    never quits, never fall..

    I’m born again

    careless boy
    do you have a clue?
    let people walk
    all over you
    running from life
    it cut you like a knife
    telling you that wrong is right

    I’m born again, oh yeah

    feel that the time
    has finally come
    this heart of mine
    tells me that I’ve won
    everything’s clear now
    this feeling never ends
    I’m born again

    weathered man
    have you learned a thing
    your share of pain
    and suffering
    it’s not too late
    to look them in the eye
    and fill with pride
    cause deep inside
    you’re born again
    to be born again

    it’s always the same
    life a bitter pain..

  • 03:52 Lyrics Music and Memories

    night time, the peaceful life
    when hurting is in the past
    spring time, renew your life
    to own what you have lost

    and nothing can ever stop the wind from blowing around
    and nothing can ever keep you up when so many things
    are going to bring you down

    I live for music and memories
    I live for music and memories, yeah

    and so it’s time for this life
    this life to take a turn
    and there’s no way to go
    no way to go...but up!

    I live for music and memories
    I live for music and memories, yeah

    everything I’ll always be
    everything I want in my life
    everything that is to me
    It’s music and memories, yeah

    night time, so say goodbye
    it will keep you company
    for the rest of your life

  • 03:09 Lyrics Losing Myself

    you taught me self reliance
    and patience
    and everything in between
    you’re my savior
    my hope, and my lasting dream

    take me to the end

    and I know my life’s complete
    I’ve found what I need to do
    lost in sound a timeless beat
    I’m losing myself in you
    and I feel I need your love

    you helped me see this vision
    of a person
    and a soul in need
    you’re my anchor
    my inner fire
    the road that comes to me
    the road that’s coming to me, yeah

    and I see the rest of me
    I know my heart is true
    lost in space a timeless year
    I’m losing myself in you
    and I know I need your love.

    losing myself in you, losing myself in you…

    and I know my life’s complete
    I found what I need to do
    lost in sound
    a timeless beat
    I’m losing myself in you

    and I see the heart of me
    it’s beating ever still

  • 05:26 Lyrics Mark On the World

    I struggled to find
    my way in this life
    I tried to believe
    in something greater
    than me
    if you listen all around
    you will see
    the answer lies in what we do
    and how we choose to be
    put your trust in me
    when things get you down you
    need to live, just one more day
    your path is clear
    and then you’re on your way

    holding my ground
    lift up your head and listen
    these obstacles surround
    and cloud my early sight
    searching for strength
    a way to see this vision
    of what I need to do
    and who I could become

    when life feels hard
    you can believe in faith
    we all have a purpose today
    heaven gives me reason
    signs that blind my eyes
    I know that it’s time to feel it
    to make my mark…

    facing this now
    not sure if I am ready
    I’ll place my trust in you
    my life is in your hands
    legacy calls to see if I am yearning
    to tackle thick walls, surmount these life-long plans
    I am a man who just flows with intentions of gold
    waiting to fly and find my own mark on the world
    and where I’ve been so long.

    here I go pretending
    there’s an easy truth to hold
    take some time relenting
    what the future will unfold
    I know I can make
    my own mark on the world

    just try
    see it in front of you
    and give it time
    my own mark

  • 03:14 Lyrics Essence

    woodlands and heart lands
    I see
    far away places for me

    this inner peace surrounds me
    for all time
    in my life
    this sacred place
    reveals me

    sojourn to mountains
    we’ll be
    taken to a special place
    and set free

    this lonely place
    protects me
    from the cold
    of the night
    majestic scene
    astounds me

    so let me be the essence
    of your world
    and let me see the road
    that leads you here

    swimming in rivers
    of peace
    laugh away the sorrow
    it ceased

    hold onto tomorrow
    this night
    hold onto tomorrow
    the essence of your mind

  • 04:02 Lyrics The Will to Live

    well I’m driving
    through the cold night
    and I’m thinking
    will I survive

    and all I got inside
    is my heart and mind
    all I got inside
    is the will to live

    and the feeling lingers
    within myself
    which way do I turn?
    and will I need help?
    and the headlights flashing
    before my eyes
    I could remember
    how dark it was

    and all I got inside
    is my heart and mind
    all I got inside
    is the will to live

    and I saw clearly
    what means the most
    what my life has been
    my heart and mind and…

    it’s a will to live
    it’s the will to live
    all I got inside
    is the will to live
    all I got inside
    my heart, my mind, that’s right

  • 05:40 Lyrics Sticks and Stones

    a time resolved
    a spirit’s free
    a path that shows the way
    of how it’s supposed to be
    a memory burns
    inside your mind
    a special place
    a lonely time
    to walk
    and shed these aches
    a road that leads
    to a holy place
    in me
    it’s where I long to be
    a light, a destiny
    a heaven I can see
    and there I stand
    a cold revealed
    a heart that’s sick of pain
    I run towards you again
    with company and energy
    a will to see possibility
    and faith
    a guide that leans
    and strengthens me
    a fortress made
    for all eternity

    heavy hands and solitude awaits
    a dream in view
    lights my eyes as we awake
    as flowers die and people seize each day

    sticks and stones can heal these brittle bones
    and here we are now
    come on let’s go you say
    as we stumble through the park and
    alive and cold and ready to
    begin with a new start and
    I feel as though I’m finally bold
    to venture on this long and lonely walk.

    healing eyes and mesmerizing sighs
    a gentle breeze puts me softy at ease..

    sticks and stones reveal these brittle bones
    and here we are now
    come on let’s go you say
    cause we can’t wait any longer
    the time has come to guide me on
    as we go skimming stones and
    you hold me straight
    as I relate to all the things you’ve done and
    you’re here with me
    so stay here until the end now
    a place a home can heal these bones
    as we hold on to love and sticks and stones

  • 02:56 Lyrics Old Ways

    it’s not the same
    not the same to me
    feelings of sadness
    left to bleed
    yesterday is forgotten
    not the same
    not to me

    just beat the past
    into my brain
    it seems to last
    left to drain

    why can’t I step away from the old ways
    not so hard to do they say
    step away

    I like thinking
    of nothing at all
    an empty space
    a hollow wall
    that’s all
    a place so small for me to crawl
    that’s all

    why can’t I step away from the old ways
    not so hard to do they say
    step away
    step away from the old ways
    step away from the old ways

  • 04:39 Lyrics Soil

    I’m sorry for
    so many things and more
    I wish I could begin my life again
    deep down

    waiting for sound
    I listen all around
    the stillness in the air
    it takes my breath away
    it calls to me

    and though we know
    these visions come
    return to earth again
    created by storm
    I feel the warmth
    of a thousand hands
    they pull me up
    return to dust
    again and be reborn
    but not alone
    a life is born
    and never forgotten

    you say bury my dreams and die
    it’s not too late
    to start again and try
    deep down, reaching below the ground
    way down

    waiting for sky
    to show me reasons why
    I search within
    the limits of my will
    to try

    and though we know
    these visions gone
    and there’s no need to pretend
    that I’m unknown
    a particle
    that’s meaningless and afraid
    so pull me up
    return to dust
    and be reborn again
    I feel your hands
    they take me back
    to roots that have always been
    a soil embeds in soil and is
    never forgotten

    heaven won a soul today my son
    you can believe
    and feel it within you
    deep down

  • 04:15 Lyrics These Hands

    simple words and gestures
    mean the world to me
    building men of mountain
    far across the sea

    you make it seem
    so easy
    your hands so free

    these hands were made
    to create
    these hands decide your fate
    these hands are made
    to create

    create me, again..

    these hands
    maker of mountains
    creator of dreams...

  • 04:21 Lyrics Immortal

    a hero needs
    to be unseen
    to all but
    who he needs
    accepting loss
    a fatal year
    has brought me
    my darkest fear

    innocence fades
    as reality is placed
    on hold and waits
    for many speak
    of defending the weak
    eyes stare back at me
    days of old
    are all over now
    so rethink, evolve

    cradling your head to me
    feeling so dizzy
    close your eyes
    and wait for time
    to say that
    it’s alright, you’re fine
    unanswered prayers
    they weigh on me
    impeding my legacy..

    on our lives of old
    only we can know
    the truth that lives
    deep inside your own
    fear of the unknown
    breathing still
    alive and free
    on the path of immortality

    blind and unseeing

    all this wasted time dreaming
    for a brand new way
    we want to be ready
    when the end grips us unsteady
    know that we have seen
    as immortal
    immortal like a god

    not giving in
    to failing signs
    you focus
    on those you leave behind

  • 05:57 Lyrics Slaves of Time

    people have cried out
    to make it slow down
    only the brave ones
    can blend with the crowd
    notions of grandeur
    and fooling with time
    someone who calls out
    to fill in the signs
    I know you’re hurting
    and felt this way before
    brings you to something
    and fills you more and more
    I am the master of faded dreams
    People pray lonely
    and sit in their homes
    starving for something
    and losing their own
    call me a cynic
    but I can’t believe
    and you were waiting
    waiting for so long
    there was a time
    when you felt this way at home
    we are all slaves of time

    shadows darken my life
    I can’t breathe
    I’ll face stark realities

    take me to your life
    and hold me there inside
    I can be your beating heart
    and all you’re living for
    don’t wanna be a slave of time

    everything going too fast
    you can’t pick up the pace
    feel like I’m falling behind
    this damn rat race

    If you wanna know
    just how far you can go
    there will be an answer
    you gotta take it slow
    don’t wanna be a slave of time
    a slave of time

    seen it all before
    the slave in me
    eating away at my core

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