Mark On the World

Izon Six
Izon Six


I struggled to find
my way in this life
I tried to believe
in something greater
than me
if you listen all around
you will see
the answer lies in what we do
and how we choose to be
put your trust in me
when things get you down you
need to live, just one more day
your path is clear
and then you’re on your way

holding my ground
lift up your head and listen
these obstacles surround
and cloud my early sight
searching for strength
a way to see this vision
of what I need to do
and who I could become

when life feels hard
you can believe in faith
we all have a purpose today
heaven gives me reason
signs that blind my eyes
I know that it’s time to feel it
to make my mark…

facing this now
not sure if I am ready
I’ll place my trust in you
my life is in your hands
legacy calls to see if I am yearning
to tackle thick walls, surmount these life-long plans
I am a man who just flows with intentions of gold
waiting to fly and find my own mark on the world
and where I’ve been so long.

here I go pretending
there’s an easy truth to hold
take some time relenting
what the future will unfold
I know I can make
my own mark on the world

just try
see it in front of you
and give it time
my own mark

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Izon Six