The Way

Izon Six
Izon Six


One man feels the pain
He develops strain
Shoots his friend in his head
And then looks the other way

Some who suffer well
Have no lies to sell
Turn this way to make them pay
And send them all to hell

All the blame is lost
In their very thoughts
Burning still inside their will
And no time to count the cost

The evil lies within
Thinking of ways to win
The battles there, who really cares
As we take it on the chin

Looking for the sign
Blind leading the blind
Hell awaits for those
Whose fate is to savage all our plans

Here we are all of us men
Pleasing our God
Our vision of him stands
Each way is different
We invent our own beliefs
Here we know
The kingdom will fall

It’s the way
To save our souls
If we try we can believe
Born to a will
It makes us mad
As we turn against ourselves

People never learn
They watch our cities burn
Countless lives devoid of pride
As another takes a turn

A burning mass of fire
Loses all control
All is lost unless we move to return to days of old

I once had a dream
A very simple plan
That love would rule the thoughts we hold
And control the deeds of man

Turn the tide
All the people rise
That’s the way to save this day
And learn how to survive

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Izon Six