1. All a Lie

From the recording Izon Six


it's the challenge of a life
situations' out of hand
and your world crashing from the sky 
and you see me and I see you
but we never see the truth
take some action
restore your pride 
you need balance and a fight
listen boy to what you're told
band together, let's unite 
and you see me now
and I feel you
but we seem to
evade the truth
create your blanket
and warm your night 
and I've been wishing on a star
but it's too far and out of sight
the hope is dying with the lie 
and you see me now
and I feel you
and we cannot see the truth 
we did not know
it was all a lie
all a lie

Everything I'll always be, everything I want in my life, everything that is to me, it's music and memories”