1. Born Again

From the recording Music and Memories


faceless kid
you’re all out of luck
holding onto God knows what
drowning your fears
with cold sour tears
hiding away
for all those years
and now your voice
can sing out to the crowd
reach deep inside
you’ll be proud
show them all
the kid is standing tall
never quits, never fall..
I’m born again
careless boy
do you have a clue?
let people walk
all over you
running from life
it cut you like a knife
telling you that wrong is right
I’m born again, oh yeah
feel that the time
has finally come
this heart of mine
tells me that I’ve won
everything’s clear now
this feeling never ends
I’m born again
weathered man
have you learned a thing
your share of pain
and suffering
it’s not too late
to look them in the eye
and fill with pride
cause deep inside
you’re born again
to be born again
it’s always the same
life a bitter pain..

Everything I'll always be, everything I want in my life, everything that is to me, it's music and memories”