1. Come Home

From the recording Birthday Wishes


daddy I know I miss you 
the only thought that's in my mind
holding back and spinning round
the brightly colored sparks of this roulette wheel
fearing dark and smelling pain
my own misfortunes and inner rage
times long gone, the winds of song
have now died down within my frame
and I need to see you once again 
daddy it's way too quiet here
the conversations are not the same
breaking past these caving walls
to bridge the gap we made in our fairy-tale
so far gone yet not for long
we strive to see a better way
all these hours for forty days
the rain has ceased to go away
and there's no light to guide our way 
daddy it's my fresh start today
there's gold in sight
and we just might
break the storm that comes in our way
though you're gone your life is drawn
to see us through this living maze
all the power, your darkest days
have never seen a brighter way
daddy please come home to me
and light the torch that guides us through the night
come home.. 

Everything I'll always be, everything I want in my life, everything that is to me, it's music and memories”