1. Immortal

From the recording Music and Memories


a hero needs
to be unseen
to all but
who he needs
accepting loss
a fatal year
has brought me
my darkest fear
innocence fades
as reality is placed
on hold and waits
for many speak
of defending the weak
eyes stare back at me
days of old
are all over now
so rethink, evolve
cradling your head to me
feeling so dizzy
close your eyes
and wait for time
to say that
it’s alright, you’re fine
unanswered prayers
they weigh on me
impeding my legacy..
on our lives of old
only we can know
the truth that lives
deep inside your own
fear of the unknown
breathing still
alive and free
on the path of immortality
blind and unseeing
all this wasted time dreaming
for a brand new way
we want to be ready
when the end grips us unsteady
know that we have seen
as immortal
immortal like a god
not giving into failing signs
you focus
on those you leave behind

Everything I'll always be, everything I want in my life, everything that is to me, it's music and memories”