1. I Just Dance

From the recording Izon Six


I just dance
even though I can't
make your decision now
your body aches
and shame's been torn away
and I just dance
even though I can't
be a believer now
the door swings open wide
to your dismay
it's the chance of a life time
and a road of regret
make the most of each moment and don't ever forget
it's a part of living
embrace the cold of dark
staying blind to reason
it's left the fatal mark
too much weight on your conscience
not much drive to your goal
left a scar to dismember
you remember it all
feel the silence as you rise 
steal the rage within your heart 
tear the stare from eagle's eye
now you've left your mark
lay to waste your fixation
stoic answers are plain
leave your silence in fragments
as you dance them away
break it down as you surmise
the will to be it will arise
feel the answers made so plain
and fall like bloody rain 
but I just dance and everything goes away
mind over matter they say
save the worry for later
and shake it off instead
and feel the earth beneath you
and live your life instead 
but I just dance
and everything goes away

Everything I'll always be, everything I want in my life, everything that is to me, it's music and memories”