1. Slaves of Time

From the recording Music and Memories


people have cried out
to make it slow down
only the brave ones
can blend with the crowd
notions of grandeur
and fooling with time
someone who calls out
to fill in the signsI know you’re hurting
and felt this way before
brings you to something
and fills you more and more
I am the master of faded dreams
People pray lonely
and sit in their homes
starving for something
and losing their own
call me a cynic
but I can’t believe
and you were waiting
waiting for so long
there was a time
when you felt this way at home
we are all slaves of time
shadows darken my life
I can’t breathe
I’ll face stark realities
take me to your life
and hold me there inside
I can be your beating heart
and all you’re living for
don’t wanna be a slave of time
everything going too fast
you can’t pick up the pace
feel like I’m falling behind
this damn rat race
If you wanna know
just how far you can go
there will be an answer
you gotta take it slow
don’t wanna be a slave of time
a slave of time
seen it all before
the slave in me
eating away at my core

Everything I'll always be, everything I want in my life, everything that is to me, it's music and memories”