1. Soil

From the recording Music and Memories


I’m sorry for
so many things and more
I wish I could begin my life again
deep down
waiting for sound
I listen all around
the stillness in the air
it takes my breath away
it calls to me
and though we know
these visions come
return to earth again
created by storm
I feel the warmth
of a thousand hands
they pull me up
return to dust
again and be reborn
but not alone
a life is born
and never forgotten
you say bury my dreams and die
it’s not too late
to start again and try
deep down, reaching below the ground
way down
waiting for sky
to show me reasons whyI search within
the limits of my will
to try
and though we know
these visions gone
and there’s no need to pretend
that I’m unknown
a particle
that’s meaningless and afraid
so pull me up
return to dust
and be reborn againI feel your hands
they take me back
to roots that have always been
a soil embeds in soil and is
never forgotten
heaven won a soul today my son
you can believe
and feel it within you
deep down

Everything I'll always be, everything I want in my life, everything that is to me, it's music and memories”