From the recording Music and Memories


a time resolved
a spirit’s free
a path that shows the way
of how it’s supposed to be
a memory burns
inside your mind
a special place
a lonely time
to walk
and shed these aches
a road that leads
to a holy place
in me
it’s where I long to be
a light, a destiny
a heaven I can see
and there I stand
a cold revealed
a heart that’s sick of pain
I run towards you again
with company and energy
a will to see possibility
and faith
a guide that leans
and strengthens me
a fortress made
for all eternity
heavy hands and solitude awaits
a dream in view
lights my eyes as we awake
as flowers die and people seize each day
sticks and stones can heal these brittle bones
and here we are now
come on let’s go you say
as we stumble through the park and
alive and cold and ready to
begin with a new start and
I feel as though I’m finally bold
to venture on this long and lonely walk
healing eyes and mesmerizing sighs
a gentle breeze puts me softy at ease..
sticks and stones reveal these brittle bones
and here we are now
come on let’s go you say
cause we can’t wait any longer
the time has come to guide me on
as we go skimming stones and
you hold me straight
as I relate to all the things you’ve done and
you’re here with me
so stay here until the end now
a place a home can heal these bones
as we hold on to love and sticks and stones

Everything I'll always be, everything I want in my life, everything that is to me, it's music and memories”