1. Taken

From the recording Where It All Began


When what we have is taken
It’s so hard to be
A life that is worth making
The seed that grows the tree
Why did you take it from me?
Eyes are burned
And forged beyond
I’m begging you
Don’t end this song
Well memories hold the future
In the palm of our hands
And I don’t understand why this life is taken
Taken from me
Hate is made
As a last resort
The sound of fury
And the mother’s voice
When it gets like this
I simply have no choice
Ooh yeah
Well I’ve been through the danger
And come out easily
And I can see the future
And what it holds for me
What do I see?
Bend this finger
Beyond the pain
Blacken whiteness
Remove the stain
It’s just one big game
Here am I
And I wonder why
Life so complicated
It takes away your mind
It’s taken

Everything I'll always be, everything I want in my life, everything that is to me, it's music and memories”