1. The Gathering

From the recording Birthday Wishes


when I was young
my mind was bold
I thought our world
impossible to fall
it seemed we never would have an end
and every moment we felt the air bend
a life of laughter a gift of song
when nothing bothered or ever felt wrong
you made your footprints
you brought us life
the souls of egos
a touch of light
a golden rule so many things
have strengthened all the love you bring
so that every night we thank God
I wish I had a silver bell
that would ring each moment
the memories would swell
a broken wing, a loving touch
a glimpse of something that meant so much
so many faces are gathered round
the table's flowing with timeless sounds
this will last forever or so we thought
a somber moment when hope seems lost
I hear your voices within the night
your fairy princess, your shining knights
so bring the food no time to lose
and keep the blues and hide the shoes
cause we never want this to end, yeah
and we will meet again
we are gonna meet again some time
we will meet again
another place another life
amazing life, to see the world we've built
a soaring flight with so much life to fill
we will meet again
at the gathering

Everything I'll always be, everything I want in my life, everything that is to me, it's music and memories”