1. Tiny Forms

From the recording Izon Six


what's this world made of anyway
it's little things
little things we can not see
but should we? 
can we see the way
will we find the time?
living  day to day
on the other side
roll into the light
so everybody sees
reeling from the pain
so much agony we can hardly breathe 
replace the norms
define the age
the endless search that binds them all
the cracks beneath the walls
the endless fight yet
plot to end it all feel it
senses taking over me
turn away
it's too hard to bear it all
like wings and a fall
oblivion, emptiness, and tiny forms 
ready to begin
here the sorrow lies
so much more to find
hear the ageless cries 
televise the show and
bring the truth and lies
infinite as time
it mocks as it defies
somehow it will find us 
deface the forms
create the phase
the mighty screams that tell it all
the space between the walls
the makers and the takers of the fall 
they're tiny forms
that we create tiny forms

Everything I'll always be, everything I want in my life, everything that is to me, it's music and memories”