1. Without You

From the recording In the Rain


In the morning
I hear her calling
A mist in my eyes
The rivers run dry
And I lay there
with this feeling inside
No one else can
make me feel right
Hold on to what
we know we need tonight
I remember last September
The leaves did not fall
The winds remained calm
I had this feeling we’d be together
And nothing would change
The love would remain
I listen for youI wait for answers
Even take the pain
When nothing’s left to gain
And I’m feeling
so nervous tonight
Which way will I go
to make it alright
These things I know will come
in due time
Without you
I can’t even breathe
Will you chance it?
Won’t you be mine
We’re killing promise
as you’re killing time
I know that true love is
so hard to find
Life is better when we’re together
It’s something so right
So why even fight it
And I lay there
Dreaming inside
Can I wish it
and make it come right
I know that things will
come in due time
Without you
I can’t even feel
Without you
I can’t even breathe
I can’t even see now..

Everything I'll always be, everything I want in my life, everything that is to me, it's music and memories”